Denise St Marie and Timothy Walker’s practice explores new-genre public art, text art, signage, interventionism and socially engaged installations that both occupy the public realm and the gallery. Their work commonly examines concepts of public and private spaces, as well as the role perception plays in constructing our realities. Inspired by the various uses of language and graphic representation, they aim to highlight the absurd, the psychological, the philosophical and the poetic. Their outdoor installations look to provide the viewer a break from their well-established expectations or routines by adding some levity, doubt, questions or reflections to the given space. In 2010 St Marie φ Walker adopted the moniker Timeanddesire to signify their collaborative outdoor work.

Based out of Toronto since 2009 they have recently moved to Kitchener-Waterloo, Canada. Beginning in the Fall of 2015 they will embark on a collaborative MFA at the University of Waterloo. St Marie φ Walker have installed interventive work nationally and internationally in such countries and cities as Japan, China, Chicago, Las Vegas, Toronto, Montreal, Windsor, Victoria, and throughout the Canadian prairies.

St. Marie began her practice in 2000 and acknowledges the invaluable support of the below  organizations which were instrumental to her artistic growth.