Art Souterrain 2014

For this year’s Art Souterrain festival in Montreal we presented 6 “Walking” signs, of which we produced 3 new signs in French. We thought these signs worked well with the festival’s theme this year, which was based on the concept of “Foundations”, and we were particularly excited for the opportunity to work in another language.


Happy International Women's Day

Circa 2002, Victoria, BC

New News

NEWS: Nuit Blanche shared our Short Doc. :TALK 2 STRANGERS installation (Cinematography by Theo Skudra) on 5 of their Vimeo Promotion sites…. thanks Nuit 2012 Toronto!

Bill Series Montreal, 2005

From the Archives for you… on the day when we recall…and know that love is… actually many things… for many people…

Inspiration: INTERLUDE

I found this little video on the internet… I am sure you may have stubbled upon it…when feeling a little lost… it inspired the below piece of writing from me…


We all are a little lost… lets enjoy it… we all are going somewhere… looking forward-for the path… and we wonder as we wander –aging, wiser…aging, younger…joined and tethered all-together—nonetheless…

Forgetting how we forgot it… recall when we really, really knew it…
knew we wanted it– knew we really, really care-d…(even wished upon it)…. Let’s invert life regardless–even while we are in-it… and love the unknown–even when we know it…see it new or make it new again… more than we have tried to… as much as we can dare to… always let it in…

September 2012

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Ruminations on the Forting Area

Our approach to the FORTING project was one of experimentation. This work was a response to the open Call by the collective Physical Initiatives which asked artists and creatives to contribute their thoughts / creations around the theme ‘Forting’ (the complete composite of which can be seen on their Blog / E-Show  Project Forts ).

Our idea when thinking about the theme ‘forts’ was immediately to get the community and public to engage with our installation. We’ve had some previous experience; our Transformation Booth at Spadina Circle which asked passers by to enter a telephone booth we cocooned and respond to questions regarding social change by writing in a note book.

This new project, however, needed random people to actually construct something not just write down there thoughts. Was this asking too much? We were unsure. Nevertheless this project provided an excellent opportunity to test the public appetite for spontaneous engagement. What follows is documentation of the interactions we received after Saturday, August 4th which was installation day.

Monday August 6th: the Aging Hipster (@aging_hipstr) constructed a fort with his little helpers using the instructions and materials provided and tweeted to us…

We coincidently were passing through Trinity Bellwoods Park that afternoon and snuck a picture of our own — before receiving these awesome tweets above from the Aging Hipster (thanks again)!


We contacted him and asked if he would be willing to share this perspective on forting. He agreed!
And this was his reply:

The Forting Experience.

I ran into the Forting installation quite by accident this past Monday.  With the fantastic hot weather on the long weekend there was nothing better that some al fresco dining and general relaxation in Trinity Bellwoods.

My first reaction was one of amusement.  Could this be some sort of City of Toronto initiative to encourage use of the park ? Some type of entertainment for children ?  The sign looks very official in its brown and yellow hues.  Very government of Ontario circa 1970.

Being accompanied by my two young children we enthusiastically dug into the brown bag to see what we could make with the contents inside.

Two sharpened stakes and a hammer, well those should probably be hammered into the ground.  Another piece of wood without a sharpened end.  Must be the top of the fort frame.  Lets tie that on with this piece of string and this scrap of yellow cloth.  Drape the sheet over the frame and fasten to tree for shade.  A perfect urban oasis.  Let’s take refuge, crack open an entirely unauthorized cold one and enjoy the afternoon.

Art that engages is always more enjoyable and even more so when it is unexpected.  Great job @timeanddesire.  Keep us posted on your future projects!  ~ Aging Hipster

Wednesday August 8th: Rannie Turingan (@photojunkie) didn’t construct a fort; however, he did take a picture and tweeted it…

we also enjoy the comments

Later on that evening, we received an email from Troy Ford, Parks Ambassador for Toronto’s Parks, Forestry and Recreation. In the email Mr. Ford explains that he must “educate [us] that [our installation] is in violation of our current parks by-laws and failure to have a permit, is also in contravention of by-laws and protocols”. He goes on to express concern that our Forting Sign “will have a negative impact towards the great work being performed by homeless outreach workers – as Trinity Bellwoods Park has a recent history of homelessness”.

Naturally, we are quite disappointed that our installation was interpreted as encouraging homeless people to sleep in Trinity Bellwoods; for what it’s worth, we believe that mental illness and poverty is a larger contributor to this problem than our signs. In addition the instructions we left on the sign do not promote sleeping or camping…  We only encouraged Forting – as a form of community play!

Regardless, Mr. Ford’s email was congenial. He provided us with contact info for pursuing permits in the future, and he even offered to return our materials. We thought… time to document this process.

Friday August 10th: Arrived at Coronation Park to retrieve the work. We were met by Alfred, a park worker, who led us to the 2nd floor of the city building at the park. We were led to Brian Green’s office, where the art was being kept. He wasn’t in, so his assistant radioed him to confirm the release of the materials to the ‘assistants’ we sent, of course… 
Who says Artists don’t have double personas (>_o).

We wanted this interaction with the city to be as official as possible. Thus, we created an inventory list of all the materials, to officiate the transfer. After checking off the items, we had them sign it, making the transfer officially complete.

After collecting our work, we then parted ways…

Forting Area

Our Forting installation is officially up in Trinity Bellwoods Park!

Head to the park and look for the sign…

(Detail of sign instructions)

pull out the forting materials…

build a fort…

take a picture and tweet it @TIMEANDDESIRE

Research For Forting Signs...

TIMEANDDESIRE’s acts in the forting escapade….  will be to create and install Forting Signage at a local park (with some light-weight materials to aid) the formative forter….So as a precursor to the project… we have been taking shots of signs in Provincial Parks and Conservation Areas in the month of July to  guide the aesthetic and inform the work…here are a few informational and instructional signs we saw, we liked and we


TIMEANDDESIRE is excited to be part of the Physical Initiative Fort themed Project blog. Over the next few weeks we’ll be searching for and collecting examples of signs commonly found throughout parks other conservation areas. Through this process we intend on generating our own sign, one that permits and encourages the act of fort-building within the mind of those who encounter it.

In the mean time the following poetic arrangement of text concerning forts was constructed:


A place,
A space,
A minute cave…

I crave the world
To stop,
To still—
To sink…
Down… and away

Make your lullaby— pillows high
To blanket any pain…
Restore the self that’s left
And forget,
And rest…

So too— the tiny creatures mend…
A make shift home
A hobbit hole
A beaver dam
A beach made noel
So fantastical…
Or monumental— or tragical…

It may be shaped— material laid…
Or…  an imagined state—
Whatever the endeavour…
It creates,
An enclave…
Where we all became…
Less afraid.

It could be… a stalk held against,
The enemy‘s defence…
A residence,
Where we came—
And left— in part the same…

The drawn space…
We made— imagined or attained,
A boundary line…
A thin veil—
Which shifts our paradigms…

Or unknown… the site of which we speak—
Kept us- keeps us…
Held us- holds us…
Contains- and remains- and sustains…


At about this time last year we noticed that a building in our area was marked for demolition. This comes as no surprise, since we live on the front lines of what we’ve coined the “Mimico Gentrification Process”. Admittedly, we’re a little conflicted by the whole process; it effectively pushes more affordable housing further from the city’s core and our neighbourhood begins looking more and more homogenized. That said, there are certainly positives, as the area is gaining more affluence, the waterfront trail is being extended, etc.

(Building at the corner of Park Lawn Rd and Lakeshore Blvd W marked for demolition)

Regardless of our opinion concerning gentrification, the demolition of the building on the corner of Park Lawn Rd and Lakeshore Blvd W presented a wonderful opportunity. And after a quick reconnaissance mission we each prepared a sign, geared up, and slipped into the lot on a lazy Sunday afternoon.

There are several fascinating perspectives one could focus on when it comes to a demolition; the ephemeral nature of even the most seemingly permanent fixtures within our urban landscape, the sheer scale and effort that is involved in such an undertaking, perhaps even the “spectacle” that surrounds destruction. In a certain way the photos provide an undertone of each of these points.

Responses 02 (2011)

But as is her way, St Marie opted to take a more psychological approach. Her sign, in relation to the building, is a subtle reminder of the “constructed” nature of one’s belief system. And as with any constructed object there is a need for perpetual repair and maintenance, and sometimes the occasional re-construction. Is this because reality, over time, ever-so-slightly shifts out of congruence with our beliefs? Or is it our beliefs that shift? Regardless, even our most firmly held convictions can become antiquated and time-worn. The de-construction process can be messy and uncomfortable; but in that process lies opportunity and, more importantly, the creative perspective.

Responses 03 (2011)

In contrast, my own piece provides a lighthearted reminder of the building’s humble beginnings from whence it came, and to which it now returns. It is a reminder that all urban structures are nothing but reconstituted nature; each building is a relic of humanity’s desire to create order out of the natural world– to comprehend it, confine it and re-define it. As the winds of culture and society shift they collide with current structures. The ruination of these relics is as harsh as the initial process that separates each element into the primary components of fabrication. Yet, amidst all this rubble and destruction emerges something new on the horizon; the latest formation of original materials begins to take shape. However the “dunes” shift, they stand as a marker of the times. Found within the burgeoning structures are the weather-marks of their creation, what we as a culture consider to be good, to be right, to be true.

T. Walker
BA, Philosophy

BIG on Bloor Festival 2012

TIMEANDDESIRE will be installing an interventive Pedestrian Series work at the intersection of Bloor and Dufferin for the BIG on Bloor festival. Find the Bloor Serves table to read more about the work, along with a map to its location.



TIMEANDDESIRE – Is looking for:

Enthusiastic – Social – People-persons – Conversation Starters to VOLUNTEER!

Are you one?

Do you know of someone?

Put the word out!

We are looking for YOU to be part of our upcoming Social Project for Nuite Blanche Toronto!
If you are a people-person and a late night owl…
Email TIMEANDDESIRE and get involved with our Project this fall!

Sept 29th 2012. 7pm-7am
(with variable shifts, ample breaks, food, fun AND a free T-shirt! Plus you will meet a whole lot of new people! )

First Round Volunteer Closing Date: July 15th!


Name and contact info (^_^) Subject heading: Volunteer – Nuit Blanche!



Tel-Talk at Telephone Booth Gallery

Check out TIMEANDDESIRE’s piece in the TEL-Talk exhibit until July 14, 2012

(Click image for more details)

AOD all wrapped up!

For those who have yet to see the work we did for Art of the Danforth, here’s a few photo highlights:

City Sights 03
W Lynn Ave and Danforth Ave

City Sights 03 (alternative)
W Lynn Ave and Danforth Ave

Illusion Series 04
Woodington Ave and Danforth Ave

Illusion Series 04 (detail)
Woodington Ave and Danforth Ave

Pedestrian Series 01
Drayton Ave and Danforth Ave

Pedestrian Series 02
Bastedo Ave and Danforth Ave

Pedestrian Series 02 (detail)
Bastedo Ave and Danforth Ave

Pedestrian Series 03
Glebemount Ave and Danforth Ave

Pedestrian Series 03 (detail)
Glebemount Ave and Danforth Ave

Transformative Messages

On Monday we transformed a telephone booth into …well… a place where people can pause and reflect on the process of transformation in all its various manifestations. We left some paper, pencils and a few questions, encouraging viewers to share their thoughts with us. The piece was done for Tel-Talk, an art intervention project involving telephone booths. If you haven’t done so already, you can read about it here, and see some of the wonderful works that have been installed throughout Toronto over the past nine months.

As for our project, we’ve been pleasantly surprised by the number of reactions thus far! Here are just a few highlights:

See more info at: Tel-Talk blog spot

The Documents of the Transformation Booth will be on exhibit at Telephone Booth Gallery, Toronto
June 06/12- July 14/12.

Interview (Art of the Danforth)

Ahead… looking into History

We are all enigmas… we are all dust,
Realizing the creation of such—
Self made narrative…  thrusts—
Into the development, of oneself—
Which is determined—and yet feels free to us…

Thrown then, and now…
Into—our own
Future history…
Unknown—and planned mystery
We are some materializing—uncertain antiquity…

We dream… of what—such existence should entail
Yet, should it look less…of seeing—
Who we will be—
But more importantly…
Made up of those experiences
We achieve…

This ever mutable—all-one-occurrence
Segmented scope of appearance…
The life we know…and live
Is this,
And, inside it—
Our one and only chance
To cohesively exist…'s been a while!

It’s been quite some time since either of us blogged; perhaps because setting up this new site was more time-consuming than either of us expected– we wanted no part of logging on any longer!

Anyway, we have been working away here behind the scenes, so to speak. While we have seen some progress on certain endeavours, it’s becoming clear that other efforts might not lead to immediate results. Just part of life, I suppose. This isn’t to say these efforts are “failures”… these opportunities have afforded us a chance to further develop our thinking around ideas we’ve been wanting to execute for some time now, and this development brings our ideas one step closer to fruition. So, I guess you could say that our efforts are producing a mediate result!

In the mean time, we can say with great satisfaction that TIMEANDDESIRE will be in this year’s Art of the Danforth. Also we’re stamping out the last few details of another show we’ll be in this year, but the details are still too tenuous to mention… I will only suggest that it has something to do with TRANSFORMATION. Speaking of ‘transformation’, if you haven’t already seen the recent metamorphosis of some of Denise’s text, you can do so here.

Art of the Danforth

Exciting news! TIMEANDDESIRE will be in this year’s edition of Art of the Danforth.

Art of the Danforth is a month-long multidisciplinary arts festival held along Danforth Ave East between Greenwood Ave and Woodbine Ave in Toronto, Ontario. This year’s festival will host three distinct curatorial zones, each zone produced by a commissioned curatorial collective. It runs from May 20 to June 10, 2012.

We will be part of A Piece of a City Project, which is curated by east-end artists, Annie Onyi CheungJohn Loerchner & Laura Mendes and will run from Coxwell Ave to West Lynn Ave in Zone 2 of the festival.

More details to follow!

New Blog Location

For a while now we’ve been using Tumblr as our blogging platform. However, our blog has always seemed quite separated from the rest of our site, so we have completed a redesign to make everything a lot more integrated. As a result, our new blog posts can be found here, using WordPress. Of course, our Tumblr account still exists, so if you want to check out some of our archived posts, you can find them here.