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Denise St Marie originated from a small-ville in the Niagara Green Belt, ON Canada and her artistic practice began through studies in poetry and B/W photography while she academically pursued courses in Psychology, Sociology, and Philosophy at the university level. She went on to complete her Bachelor of Fine Arts at the University of Victoria in British Columbia focusing on printmaking, multiples, and site-specific sculpture. She added interventions to the streets of Victoria from 2000-2003 and continued this part of her practice both nationally and internationally to the present. Currently her work investigates…social structure, levels of communication, contextual use of messaging, notions of micro/macro…. and recursive absurdity.

Timothy B. Walker is a native to the flat lands of Southwestern Ontario. During his formative years he plied his intellectual skills consuming texts of his choosing, which included Plato, Heyerdahl, Nietzsche, Schopenhauer, Jung, Sagan, Hawking, & E.A. Poe. Walker collided with St. Marie in London, Ontario. In 2010 Walker began contributing to the working practice of Timeanddesire a new moniker for the public interventions. He sees his own conceptual and collaborative work as an exploration of one’s own lived experience, play, and insight into the human condition. His practice is a means of investigating emerging philosophical notions and issues within our current contemporary society. Walker studied Philosophy at the University of Toronto and via invitation he remained working in the department thru to 2014.